Food We Love


We didn’t open Nue to preach some abstract culinary philosophy about what we think people should eat. We're not about saving an ancient approach to cooking for future generations, nor are we interested in teaching the world about the benefits of some high-tech, new one.  As artists and chefs, Nue is about sharing what excites us. Freakishly awesome food.

As avid travelers, and insatiable eaters, we set out to build the same kind of casual gathering, food and drink place we consistently frequent while abroad, but for whatever reason, can never quite find back home. As seemingly diverse as they are, the divey tascas of the Iberian Peninsula, the explosively colorful markets that blanket Asia, the smoky outdoor grills found throughout the Balkans and the vivid town squares of South America all share a lot in common: simple, unassuming, always unique, conspicuously approachable, often times surprising and most importantly, insanely delicious.  This is the food we love.


The approach we took while nailing down our concept can be summed up in one word. Creativity. As such, the menu at Nue will change quite frequently. Our mix-up of offerings will sometimes be to take advantage of seasonal ingredients, other times due to an incredible ‘new’ food discovery we made while abroad or in other cases because of some fantastic suggestion we received from a guest (highly encouraged). Most often however, our menu offerings will change because we want them to. 

Our firm belief is that building a space that encourages chefs to be creative while drawing on their vast world, culinary experiences,  all in an environment that doesn't take itself too casually or too seriously, can only lead to great innovation and taste. 

We’re not trying to be "Fusion", nor are we claiming that our offerings are verbatim "Street Food", "Farm to Table", "Craft" or any other trendy buzzword of the day.  What we are building is a space that allows our staff and our guests an opportunity to experiment and explore, to both work with and taste new flavors and foods without any pretense or culinary douchiness. We’re building a place where we want to hang out, making the foods we love to eat and we're confident you will too.