About Our Name

In Japanese mythology, the Nue is a supernatural monster with the face of a monkey, the torso of a tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog), the limbs of a tiger, and the tail of a snake. In other accounts it has the back of a tiger, the legs of a tanuki, and the tail of a fox, and in yet other descriptions, the head of a cat, and the torso of a chicken?  Odd for sure but any way you slice it, it's one bad ass beast made up of some pretty seemingly disparate parts.  

After months of agonizing name searching, logo development and word play, it wasn't until we had our first draft menu printed that a name finally stuck. With our mission set; to take ingredients and dishes found throughout the world and work them into a cohesive dining experience our bad ass beast was born and we were helpless to name it anything but Nue.