Joe Swain - Executive Chef

Born in the Rhineland of Germany, Joe moved to Fairbanks at an early age and now calls Alaska “home”. Throughout Joe’s childhood, at home and abroad, “Family Dinner Night” was an excitedly anticipated affair and one that was sorely missed when he moved out on his own at the age of 18.  Faced for the first time with a lack of good food, it soon became apparent to him that something needed to be done.

Self-trained in the Culinary arts, Joe started honing his culinary ambitions at small mom-and-pop restaurants around Fairbanks. He later moved to Anchorage where he was offered a position at the Glacier Brewhouse, Alaska’s largest restaurant and brewery and quickly worked his way up to the role of Sous.  

Eager for a change of scenery, and excited to work with unfamiliar ingredients, Joe accepted the position of Head Chef at a small restobar in Brisbane, Australia and from there continued his travels; exploring and eating his way through South East Asia.

With his heart (and stomach) still firmly planted in the PNW, Joe most recently landed in Seattle, and at Nue where he can now bring his incessant energy, creativity and experience together at last.   

Chris Cvetkovich - Chef Patron

Chris has been scouring the corners of the globe for exciting food and drink for over 25 years.  From the jungles of Kalimantan to the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, there's literally nothing edible he's discovered that he hasn't been thrilled to eat...or at least try.

Always an entrepreneur, Chris started his first company, designing marketing materials and 3D animations for businesses while still earning his degree.  After college, and wanting a fresh, creative outlet, he joined the growing video games industry, working as a 3D environment artist on numerous PC and Console titles.  During all of this, his unrelenting drive for international travel and food kept him continuously cooking and exploring. 

Finally wanting to meld his dedication for food and art, Chris founded, and continues to run Animation Kitchen, a 3D animation studio with a focus on the Food Science Industry. Clients of Animation Kitchen include the Culinary Institute of America and CHOW, among others.     

His hobby blog, Thingsaboutfood, is all for fun and as such, is written to introduce readers to quirky ingredients and techniques that may seem new and unfamiliar, but are readily available in American's own "backyard".

At the end of 2013, about mid-way through a 3 month, 22 country road trip throughout Europe, it became apparent to him that opening a restaurant was the next, logical step.  Perhaps seeming 'logical' was due to the hypnotizing effects of driving through long stretches of Bulgarian corn fields, or quite possibly an artifact of the low-grade, head-buzz one gets from drinking too much Slovakian Burčák but regardless, Nue is built, ingredients have been sourced and excitedly, there's no turning back.