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Nue Employee Handbook



Nue was founded by Chris Cvetkovich and Uyen Nguyen in 2014. The concept was inspired by our love for food, travel and our love for the commonalities and differences between varying cultures around the world. We aim to introduce our guests to fantastic and unique foods & drinks that are commonly found in their country of origin but are not readily available in Seattle.   

What we value 

We value a drama-free workplace and restaurant, where we (and our customers) treat each other with respect and dignity. We want Nue to be the place where highly capable, friendly people can come to do their best work without dealing with the stress and drama that typifies many other workplace.   We believe in authenticity, honesty and hard work. We want each of us to be the best that we can be and, on top of that, being the person that others can rely on. We believe that each of us have to, minimally, be able to carry our own weight and be 100% responsible for the job that we’re assigned to do so that others can depend on our capability to execute on our tasks. This is the only way they can do their job without
hindrance.   We believe that creativity goes beyond whether we can be great chef, artists or managers, but creativity should be the premise of how we solve problems, whether it’s in figuring out how to fix the light bulb, creating better customer experience, decreasing cost or enhancing revenue. We look for people who always want to figure out creative ways to do things better.   We look for and strive to retain employees who care as much about Nue as we do, which is another way of saying we want someone with a great sense of ownership. Someone who cares about Nue, our staff, our customers. Someone who always want to make Nue better. Someone who is so great with customers that they want to come back just to see you (and to also eat our amazing food and drinks, of course).   We have designed our space and menus to reflect a casual and ‘fun’ approach to food and drink.  Have fun with our guests. Besides our killer food,  people come to Nue to experience something unique and interesting.  Often times what they order will be the first time they’ve tried it and they are genuinely interested in the concept, backstory, origin and history of the dish. If you ever feel uncomfortable or unprepared to talk about a dish, please ask and we would be happy to go over it with you until you do.  How to Get New Menu Items Although we encourage EVERYONE’s input and creativity when it comes to adding new food menu or cocktail menu items, recipe development should only take place if authorized by a manager.  If you have an idea of something you would like to see on the menu at Nue (drinks, food, or anything else), please share it and we can discuss how we might make it fit the program.  Employees are not, however, allowed to create recipes and tests without prior discussion and permission. Costs can get easily out of hand when we all just make whatever
we want.     

House Rules  


Smile!  As stated above, Nue is a ‘fun’ dining experience.  ALWAYS greet guests at the door with a smile.  ALWAYS cheerfully lead them to their seat and ALWAYS thank them for coming as they head out the door. We have received some fantastic praise for our service where even the kitchen greets guests and says goodbye. However, we have also received some of our harshest criticism due to waitstaff being ‘stiff’ or ‘conceited’.  In an era where any restaurant with subpar food will be gone in a month, diners are beginning to base their experience more and more on how they were treated. In addition, studies have shown that smiling makes you feel better too so it’s a win-win :) Remember that while we’re at work, it’s our JOB to give customers the best experience possible. It’s not a matter of whether we feel like it or not.

Shift Drinks

If you work more than 6 hours, you’re qualified for 1 non­alcoholic beverage r 1 alcoholic beverage (that are on shift drink list). Only non-alcoholic beverage can be consumed while
you’re working.   

BOH: You’re qualified for 1 shift drink for every 6 hours worked, with a maximum of only 1 alcoholic beverage per day.   Alcoholic shift drinks are on our ‘shift drinks’ list in the POS. General rule of thumb is that these are well drinks, cheaper beers, or the house wines.   Reminder: The main purpose of Nue’s shift drinks is to provide you refreshment other than water to help you get through the work day. However, under NO circumstance is any employee allowed to consume alcohol while working, unless authorization was given by Uyen or Chris. Violation of this can lead to immediate termination.   

Shift Meals
The purpose of shift meal is to provide you something to each during longer shifts as we know you probably don’t have the time to run out and buy food.  

FOH If you work a double shift (more than 8 hours), you get one free dish (except for the Jerk Chicken). If you
work fewer than 8 hours, your meal is 50% off. 

BOH One free dish (except Jerk Chicken) for every 6 hours worked.   All meals MUST be rung up, and are meant to be consumed on premise. When ringing up shift drinks or meals, use the special request button to input the name of the employee for each item.   Sick Leave We understand that everyone gets sick, including ourselves. When you do get sick, we expect that you inform your manager immediately, and attempt to find someone to cover your shift.  

Paid Sick & Safe Time (PSST) 
PSST can be used for an employee's absence_from work due to illness, medical appointments, or critical safety issue, including domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. Employees can view the number of PSST
hours accumulated by logging into Paychex and viewing pay stubs. 

Nue is An Equal Opportunity Employer

Nue is committed to a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to work in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal employment opportunities  and prohibits discriminatory practices, including harassment. Therefore, Nue expects that all relationships among team members in the workplace will be business-like and free of bias, prejudice and harassment.

Our  policy  is that  all decisions involving  any  aspect of  the  employment relationship will be made free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, sex, gender (including gender identity), marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, religion, medical condition  (including  genetic  characteristics), physical or  mental  disability, honorably discharged veteran or military service status or any other status or characteristic protected by applicable local, state, or federal law.

We strive to provide a good work-life balance for all of our employees, including trying to honor your request for days off/vacation. However, this does not mean your vacation request will be granted if no one is available to cover your shifts. Historically, we have almost always approved vacation requests, but you just need to work with us by providing plenty of notice to ensure we can plan

Drugs & Alcohol & Theft
We do not care what you do in your spare time (honestly, we don’t). However, when you_show up for work, we expect you to not be under the influence, and we definitely expect you to not take drugs or drink alcohol while working.   We hope it’s self-evident that
you already know stealing, whether it’s cash, alcohol, food, supplies, proprietary recipes, or any of Nue’s other properties, will lead to immediate termination and possible legal actions. This also includes giving free or unauthorized discounts on food, alcohol or
beverages to friends and families.  We have had former employees put alcohol in their ‘water glasses’, and drink it while at work. Or
take a break outside to smoke a joint. Or go to the bathroom to shoot up. Or give free drinks or food without our OK, or void cash
transactions. Please don’t pull these things on us. We always find out.  All of the behavior listed above runs high on our $hit list, so violations have and will result in immediate termination.,even if you’re a star performer. We’d rather lose a ‘star’ employee than ruin the honest, hard working team­ oriented culture that we’re trying to build at Nue.

Disability and Accommodation

Nue complies with all state and federal laws regarding  the employment of individuals with disabilities. If you provide us with notice of a disability, Nue  will make reasonable accommodations that do not create an undue hardship, in accordance with applicable state and federal law.

If your disability negatively impacts your job or performance, or would  do so without  a reasonable accommodation, please speak directly  with  your manager. The situation will be evaluated so that  we can make appropriate  reasonable accommodations. Nue  expects your  cooperation in  the process of  determining  what, if  any, accommodations are required, reasonable and available. As part  of this  process, Nue  may request medical opinions  to  verify your disability, identify  potential reasonable accommodations, or determine whether your continued work would pose a safety or health risk to yourself or others.

At­-Will Employment 
Nue, similar to other companies in WA, is an at-will employer. This means that employee or employer may terminate the
employment contract anytime without any cause.   With that said, we aim to provide you warnings and write-­ups if you’re off­track, unless your violation relates to alcohol, drugs, and stealing as mentioned above. Those lead to immediate termination.   

Pay Period
We do payroll twice a month. You get paid on the 15th and at the end of the month (this varies depending on how long the month is)Even though you get paid on the 15th and at the end of the month, your payroll is calculated based on these cycles: cycle 1: work that starts on the 26th and ends on the 10th; and cycle two: starts on the 11th and ends on the 25th. For example, when you get paid on the 15th, your payroll is calculated based on the hours you worked from the 26th of last month to the 10th of this month (and not up until the 15th). This allows Nue and the payroll company, Paychex, several days to calculate tips and transfer funds from the
company’s account to your account. 

Minimum Wage
As of Jan 1, 2017 Seattle minimum wage rate for businesses with 500 or fewer employees is $13/hr for employees that does not
receive tips and $11/hr for employees that receive tips.   Direct Deposit Nue provides free direct deposit for your payroll and
requires that you use it. This is the only way for us to ensure that you receive your paycheck in a timely manner.   You may access
your paystub by creating an account with PayChex (the payroll agency we use to process your payroll). Go to the link below to sign­up.  
www.paychexonline.com or www.paychexflex.com (either link takes you to the same site)

 There will be a “enter username” page that shows up. Underneath that, there is a signup button. Click “signup” and create a username and login and password. Enter your personal information (must match the same information you provided to Nue). Once you have created a username/password, all paystubs you receive moving forward will show up  on your account.  

Cell Phones
There is nothing about our business where you cannot do your job without checking your cell phone.  We want you to always keep an eye on the customers or your tasks when you’re at work. We do understand that sometimes you
have personal issues that you will need to tend to via your phone, but please do keep it to a minimum responding to your mother to let her know you’re safe is fine; swiping right on your Tinder account, however, can wait. 

Ring Up First, Make Second
We require that all inventory that gets used be rung up first. This not only helps us track inventory, it also helps prevent mistakes. We have had several incidences where (mainly drinks) get made without being rung up, and servers/bartenders would later forget to
ring these items up prior to presenting the guest with their final bill. Also, since we do tip pooling, there are times when other servers would transfer your ticket to themselves without knowing that you haven’t rang someone up for the drinks/food yet. Even though
we understand these are unintentional mistakes, it still cost us money, and cost you your tips_so please always ring up things first, 
make second.   

Employee T­-Shirts 
Kitchen staff will receive Nue branded T-shirts as part of their work uniform. All staff receiving these Tshirts must return them to
Nue upon the last day of employment with the company, and must fully understand that their last pay check will be deducted $10
per t­shirt for any shirts that are not returned, or that are destroyed beyond reasonable wear­ and tear.  Communication Board Make it a practice to read the communication board (on walk-in fridge, one for FOH, one for BOH) 
before each shift. Initial your name by each message on the board to indicate you’ve read them (so that we can erase the message after everyone has initialed.

Open Door Policy

Because we are open 7 days a week, it’s difficult for us to find time to have frequent meetings with our team. However, we want you
to know that we can be available at short notice if you need to discuss anything with us. Whether it’s about your needing some time off due to personal issues; about concerns you have regarding how Nue is run; about a co-worker; about needing more or less hours; or about how you can be more involved with Nue. Please reach out so we can discuss. We also take requests to meet if you just want to shoot the breeze :­) We’ll buy the drink!

International Trip
When we started Nue, one of our goals for the company is to eventually close Nue for a week, and take our key, full­time staff for a week-long, international trip to do what we do best: explore international cuisines and eat our hearts out. There are
two key things that need to exist to make this goal a reality: one is to reach financial stability so that we can afford to cover the trip
cost for the staff, and two is to create a working environment where we not only enjoy working with each other, but God forbids, 
want to go on vacation together! As we work through our goals throughout the year, we constantly keep this bigger goal in mind
because only when we are financially stable and only when our staff enjoy being around each other would a week-long international
trip become a reality. Team members who may qualify for this benefit are full-time (30 hours or more per week) members that has
been with Nue for the long­term (at least 2 years) and who we believe has provided substantial contribution to the success of Nue. 

Dress code Preferably
all-black attire; top must always be black; pants may be in other dark color if needed, such as dark blue. We don’t want to dictate what you wear down to the T because we want your personality to shine through-just be tasteful. 

Tip Pooling
Currently, FOH tips out to kitchen 6% of net Food sales (net sales does NOT include pre-paid delivery orders like Eat24, Bitesquad, 
etc...), and 2% of Total net sales to dishwasher. Everything else FOH keeps and split evenly based on hours worked during that day. FOH gets to keep more tips when the total bill has higher proportion of drink sales (as they don’t have to tipout to bartender since the tip is pooled).   New FOH employees only get 50% of the allocated tips relative to more
tenured FOH members during the probation period. Once new team members pass the probation period, their tip share will be on
par with more tenured FOH members.  Credit card tips are processed at the end of each pay period, and will be shown on your
paycheck. You are responsible for cash tips, including proper declaration for tax purposes

Delivery and Carryout Orders 
Delivery orders are defined as an order that comes through via one of our partners (Eat24, BiteSquad, Caviar, or Flybuy). When
ringing up ticket, include delivery partner info and also name of customer. Also, indicate time when order will be completed. For
example, if a Bitesquad order of a Cubano for Daniel comes in at 6PM and the kitchen tells us that it will take 20 min to make, the
ticket should be input as follows: In the “Delivery” select “BiteSquad”.  Add  a “++To Go” item from the “Food” menu and select
special request to type in “6:20, Daniel”.  Eat24 sometimes has pick-up orders that are NOT prepaid. You can tell the difference by
looking at the order that comes through the tablet. If it says Pre-paid, that customer has already paid through Eat24; if it says
“CASH”, then customer needs to pay when they come to pick up at Nue. If a “CASH” order comes in, write “Unpaid” in the special
request field so that this notice will be printed in red.   Carry Out Orders Carry out orders come from walk-ins or phone orders. 
These orders are NOT prepaid so it’s important that we collect their payments during pick-up. During busy nights, it’s very easy to
confuse between pre-paid delivery orders and unpaid carryout orders. To decrease the confusion, write “unpaid” on the ticket, print out the bill, and put it on the food rail so whoever is packing the order will know.

Always remove the automatic 'Happy Hour' Discount on all delivery and pickup orders. Happy Hour prices are fro Dine-In only.

We manage our own reservation and don’t use any outside system, such as OpenTable. When taking reservations:
●Assume the average turnover time for each table is 1.5 hours (2 hours for larger parties or birthday celebrations) 

●For busy nights (typically Fri & Sat nights), leave half of the seats available for walk-ins for each turnover window. For nights when the weather is bad, or during slower months (typically fall & winter months), it’s okay to increase number of reservations as we won’t have as many walk-ins. 

●Take phone numbers
●Take credit card info (name, CC #, expiration date) for all parties 6 or greater. Let them know that $20 will be charged per person if it’s a no-show. Cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to reserved time. 

●If we can’t accommodate a reservation, ALWAYS let customers know that we save a large portion of our seats for walk­ins; encourage them to do so and let them know that they can wait/grab a drink at the bar. 

●Put your initial down in the “Initial” column when taking reservation

●Always try to think of ways to get customers to come in. For example, if they want a 7PM reservation but we can’t accommodate it, consider suggesting for them to come in at 6:30 or 7:30PM (or whatever time or day that makes sense) and grab a drink at the bar first, and we can slot them in as soon as we can.  

●Manage expectation properly so customers won’t get upset. For example, if it looks like all the seats will be packed (either by reservation or walk­ins) at 6PM on Friday or Saturday night, and you get a reservation request for a 6­top at 7:30PM. There is a 2­top and a 4­top that are coming in at 6PM, and will likely clear out by then, but you also know that customers tend to linger longer than expected during the weekends. Take the reservation, but let them know that sometimes other customers stay longer than what we expected, and ask if it’s ok if they might have to wait 10-15 minutes at the bar. We have NEVER had a customer deciding not to make the reservation because of this, and they are much more forgiving when they have to deal with waiting for several minutes. It also decrease a lot of stress for the host/hostess.

Hosting At Nue
sometimes the host is also the floor manager. We try to keep the staff very lean at Nue, so there will be nights when there’s only FOH staff and no manager on the floor. On nights like this, we also ask the host (depending on their level of experience) to manage the floor. Their responsibilities does not only include maximize the number of cover, maximizing the number of turnover per seats, but it will also include making sure all guests feel welcome right as they walk in the door, and that they have the best experience possible. If one server is slammed, the host as the permission to allocate and shift tables to other servers to help move things along. They are also responsible for helping to fix stuff if it’s broken (for example, the POS goes bonker). We assign the host to be responsible for the floor for the main reason that they have the most flexibility in their whereabouts, and they are not often bogged up by one specific table or customer. Not all hosts operate in this function as we only assign the host that has the most experience to do this (otherwise, one of the managers will be there). We understand that hosts in other restaurants don’t often have all these responsibilities, but please do respect and listen to the host on nights that we do assign them to do this.   

Finalizing Transactions
All transactions should be finalized as soon as possible. This is to prevent the payment slips from getting accidentally tossed away. It also helps us to know right away if the customer accidentally took the signed slip with them (and give us time to chase them down if needed). Your tips are not authorized unless we have that signed slip.

Recording Incidences in Log Book
All instances regarding drunk or improper behavior by guests must be recorded in the Log Book, which is kept behind the bar.  This is to protect us and you.  Overservice is a serious issue and can result in charges against both the restaurant and the server if anything happens.  We are fortunate in the fact that we have_not had many instances where we’ve needed to “cut-off’ a guest, but if and
when this does happen in the future, be polite, explain that we cannot serve more alcohol but instead offer a non alcoholic drink. 
Record a description of this interaction at the end of the night in the brown Log Book.  Also, remember to record incidences relating to friends that come in too. Sometimes we forget to do so as they are our friends, but alas, friends that are in the industry also have the highest risk of alcohol and drug abuse. If they walk into Nue, they are a customer. Sometimes, it’s not the friends that are suing us, but it’s the city prosecutor. If you noticed that they are drunk, record it.  Also, record any other incidence that might be considered “off” in the log book. When in doubt, record it. It helps prevent us or you from getting in trouble in case we are presented with a lawsuit later.

Carding Customers Everyone that looks under 30 purchasing alcoholic drinks must be carded. It’s your responsibility as a server to do so. The Liquor Board will issue a fine (to both you and Nue), and may take away your Alcohol Handler’s permit if you’re caught not doing so. You may also lose your job and we may get temporarily shut down by the authority. It’s not pretty for any of us so do take this task seriously.   

Private Events
Please direct requests for private events to Uyen. Our minimum requirement for the event will vary, depending on the day, time, seasonality, and number of guests in the event. 

Weekly Chores
There is a list of weekly chores for bartenders & servers (posted by back wall below the schedules). Use slower periods to work on those chores. The chores are meant to keep Nue clean & tidy so please do them.

Employment Eligibility

Nue complies with federal laws that require all team members to supply documentation establishing their identity and eligibility for employment in the United States. These documents must be supplied within three days of hire to continue employment.

Team Member Files

Nue maintains a personnel file for each team member. If you change your name, address, telephone number, marital status, emergency contacts, or number of dependents, please write to info@nueseattle.com to file those changes appropriately.

Mission and Values

At Nue, our success is built on a foundation  of strong core values, which determine  how we accomplish our jobs and guide our interactions  with each other, our guests and our owners. Nue  truly promotes  and lives by our values – Creativity, Honesty, Sincerity, Respect, Enthusiasm and Accountability  - and we seek out these qualities in each new team member

Corrective Action

Corrective action is intended to communicate to you that Nue has a concern about your conduct or performance that you must remedy if you wish to maintain employment with us. If your performance is not in alignment with our values, or is not consistent with either the expectations outlined in this handbook or the training provided to  you in your role, then you may receive some form  of corrective action. You should use the corrective action to  help you change your course of behavior and realign unacceptable performance with Nue's expectations. The type or severity of your conduct or performance deficiency will, among other factors,determine, whether and what type of corrective action you might receive, up to and including immediate termination of your employment.

In most cases,when a problem comes to the attention of your supervisor, the two of you will discuss the issue and decide on the best course of action to improve the situation. This may be considered a "verbal" corrective action, but will often be documented in writing.

If the problem continues without satisfactory progress towards solution, the next step may be a more formal written corrective action and a problem-solving discussion. If you are still unable to resolve the problem, your employment may be terminated.  Again, Nue may terminate your employment at any time, with or without prior corrective action of any sort, as determined at Nue's discretion.

This system is simply intended to be a useful guideline to follow in resolving many workplace issues, but this policy should not be considered as a guarantee or promise that corrective or disciplinary action will, or will not, occur or follow any particular sequence. The corrective or disciplinary action taken, or not taken, including termination, is at the sole discretion of Nue. Nothing in this policy alters the "at will" employment relationship or constitutes a promise of specific treatment under any particular set of circumstances.

Open Door Policy\
Nue  encourages an  env
ironment  of  open communication and our open door  policy  helps to foster that environment. Should you have concerns or disagree with an action or request, you are encouraged to first seek out time with your manager to discuss your concerns.

Should you be uncomfortable speaking with your manager for any reason, or disagree with the resolution after talking to them, you have several options open to you. We encourage you to bring unresolved issues to the attention of the owners.

We recognize that not everyone is comfortable presenting concerns to his or her employer, but we encourage our team members to take advantage of our open door policy, and we are committed to preventing any retaliation against persons who do so. Taking the time to ask and answer questions, and state and resolve workplace concerns, makes an important  contribution to the overall performance and growth of our organization. This open  door  policy  is not  a required substitute for our anti­ harassment/anti-discrimination complaint process.

Nue’s pay period and overtime hour is calculated based on hours accumulated during the pay period. Anything over 80 hours during a pay period will be considered overtime. Due to the nature of our business, you may be required to work some overtime. Holidays, sick leave, vacation, jury duty  leave, bereavement leave and PTO (Paid Time Off) are not considered time actually worked when calculating hours worked for overtime purposes.

Non-exempt team members  are asked to obtain approval in advance from your manager for any overtime. As a team member  at Nue you may  have the  opportunity to work in  departments other  than  your  own. Please remember that  these shifts  will  count  toward  hours  worked  and be  overtime  eligible. Please request permission for overtime prior to accepting the shift.

Gratuities and Tips

Our guests may decide to reward excellent service or show appreciation with tips or gratuities..The Internal Revenue Service requires that tipped income be reported back to Nue. Nue is then  required  to  withhold  payroll  taxes on all reported tips  and gratuities. Reported  tips and gratuities  will be counted as income for short and long-term disability claims. You should report your tips to Nue's general manager.

Meeting Pay

You may occasionally be  expected  to  attend  team  meetings  or training sessions outside of your normally  scheduled shifts. During mandatory,  scheduled  meetings  you  will   be  compensated  for a minimum  of 1 hour worked. You are expected to use the time reporting system to track your actual time in the meeting. Should the meeting be longer than 1 hr, you will be compensated for the total time you are in attendance.

Report to Work Pay

On  occasion, your  schedule may  need  to  be  altered  with  short notice. Typically this is done to  accommodate business volumes. It is our intention to give you as much notice as possible if your shift is canceled for any reason. However, if you are sent home from work prior to completing at least half of your scheduled shift, you will be compensated for the difference between your hours worked and the halfway point of your shift, up to a maximum of 4 hours.

Pay Deductions

Nue complies with all state and federal laws regarding the various payroll taxes and  insurance deductions. In  addition, Nue will comply with all garnishment orders as required by applicable law.These deductions are itemized on your paycheck and may include but are not limited to the following:

• Federal and State Income Tax Withholding

• Social Security (FICA)

• State Disability Insurance (L & I)

At the end of each calendar year you will be supplied with a Wage and Tax Statement (W-2) form. This form will highlight your income for the calendar year and an itemized total of your deductions, for tax reporting purposes. To receive this documentation you will need to keep your address up to date.

Harassment Free Workplace

Nue is proud of its professional and congenial work environment. Our core values should be used by all team members to  guide our treatment of our guests and each other. Keeping our core values in mind to guide our interactions will help to maintain an environment built on courtesy, consideration and professionalism.

Nue is committed to providing a work environment free from  discrimination and harassment. Harassment is defined as unwelcome actions, words, jokes, or comments based on an individual's race, color, creed, national origin,  ancestry, citizenship status, sex, gender (including gender identity), marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, religion, medical condition (including  genetic characteristics), physical or mental disability, military service status or any other status or characteristic protected by applicable local, state, or federal law.

Individuals who believe they have been subjected to harassment or discrimination, and any team members who have witnessed what they believe to be harassment or discrimination, must report it immediately to  their  manager. Do not allow a situation that you believe is inappropriate to continue by not reporting it, regardless of who is creating that situation. No team member, including managers, is exempt from this policy. Team members who in good faith bring complaints to  the  attention  of  a manager or  who participate in investigations regarding such complaints are protected against retaliation by law and by this policy. In response to a complaint, Nue will take prompt investigatory actions in a manner that is as confidential as possible and take effective corrective actions where appropriate.

Anyone found to be engaging in any type of discrimination or harassment in violation of  the Nue policy may be subject to appropriate corrective and/or disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


Definition of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment  is a form of unlawful harassment by members of the same or opposite gender. In general, it is defined as unwelcome conduct that is of a sexual nature or otherwise based on gender. Sexual harassment is absolutely prohibited  and will not be tolerated in the Nue workplace.

Sexual harassment  may include a range of subtle and not-so-subtle behaviors and may involve individuals of the same or different genders. Depending on the circumstances, these behaviors may include, but are not limited to: unwanted sexual advances or requests for sexual favors; sexual jokes and innuendo; verbal abuse of a sexual nature; comments about an individual's body, sexual prowess, or sexual deficiencies; leers, whistles, or touches; insults or obscene comments or gestures; display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures; and other physical or verbal conduct or visual material of a sexual nature.

Team members have the right to be free from such harassment on the job, whether from co-workers, supervisors, management, vendors, or clients of Nue  on our properties. Conduct  prohibited by this policy is unacceptable in the workplace and in any work-related setting outside the workplace, such as business trips, business meetings, and business-related social events.

The Equal Employment  Opportunity Commission  has defined  sexual harassment  to  include   unwelcome   sexual  advances,  requests  for sexual favors, and any other  verbal, visual, or conduct  of a physical nature when:

• Submission to the conduct is made either implicitly or explicitly a condition of employment.

• Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as the basis of a tangible employment action affecting the individual, such as decisions relating to hiring, firing, promotions, assignments, or pay; or

• The conduct creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment, that affects the terms and conditions of a person's job.

Other Harassment

Like sexual harassment, harassment on the basis of any other legally protected  characteristic is also strictly  prohibited by law and by this policy.  Harassment that  is  prohibited includes  unwelcome   conduct based on an individual's  race, color, creed, national  origin,  ancestry, citizenship  status, sex,  gender  (including   gender   identity),   marital status, sexual orientation,  pregnancy, age, religion,  medical condition (including genetic characteristics), physical or mental disability, military service  status  or  any  other  status  or  characteristic   protected   by applicable local, state, or federal law.   ·

Harassing conduct may include inappropriate jokes and innuendo, epithets, slurs, or negative  stereotyping,  display in the workplace  of offensive materials, and other inappropriate  physical or verbal conduct or visual materials.


As noted  above, team members who believe that they have been subjected to harassment or discrimination  by any manager, supervisor, team member, vendor or client of Nue, and any team members  who  have witnessed what  they  believe  to  be  harassment or discrimination, must report the situation immediately to a manager or owner. Do not assume that  we are aware of your situation. It is your  responsibility to bring  the claim to our attention.  Do not  allow a situation  that you perceive to be inappropriate to continue by not reporting it, regardless of who is creating that situation.

Retaliation Absolutely Prohibited

We are committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment. All team members are asked to use our core values to guide  our interactions  with each other. Using this as a guide you will help to maintain an environment  built  on courtesy, consideration and professionalism. You should be aware of the following items:

• Concerns or complaints will be promptly investigated and the Company will take prompt  and effective corrective actions where appropriate.

• No team member at the Company, including managers of the Company, is exempt from this policy.     .

• Team members who in good faith bring complaints to the attention of the Company and/or participate  in investigations regarding such complaints will not be retaliated against in any way.

• The Company will handle complaints as confidentially  as possible. However, details of the complaint, the identity  of the complaining party, and other witnesses may be disclosed to effectively investigate or address the complaint.

Corrective Action

If an investigation shows that an individual  has engaged in conduct in violation  of this policy  against harassment and discrimination (or any other policy, for that matter), Nue will take appropriate disciplinary action or corrective measures, including, but not limited to, mandatory counseling, training, additional supervision, transfer, change of job  duties, demotion, suspension, or  termination of employment. This list of potential corrective actions is illustrative only.

Nue will determine the type of corrective action necessary to remedy any situation created by a violation  of our policy against harassment and discrimination.

Attendance and Punctuality

It is critical to both guest service and Nue's operational success that  all  team  members  arrive  on  time  and  ready  for  their scheduled shifts. You are expected to be at your workstation,  in your uniform, and ready to work at the beginning of your shift and to remain at your workstation until the end of your assigned work hours, except for rest and meal breaks.

If you cannot arrive to work as scheduled, you must give your manager as much notice as possible. In the event that you will be unable to report to work for a scheduled shift due to sudden illness or emergency, we request at least 2 hours notice prior to the start of that shift.

If you are late by even one minute and/or  do not clock in on time you are considered  late. Failure to  abide by this policy  or excessive and/ or patterned absences and tardiness will  be subject to  corrective  or disciplinary action, up to and including  termination.

Example 1:

If you late to work three times in a three month period you may receive a verbal written warning.

If you are late four times in a four month period you may receive a written warning.

If you are late five times in a five month  period you may receive a final written warning.

Finally, if  you  are late 6 times  in  a six month  period  you  may be terminated

Example 2:

The first time you are late, you may receive a verbal warning,

If you are late three times in a three week period, you may receive a verbal written warning.

If you are late a fourth  time two  months  later you may receive a written  warning.

If a team member is absent due to an illness or injury, Nue  may request medical documentation. This documentation must   be   obtained  at   theteam   members   cost.   Time   missed due  to  illness and  injury  may  qualify  for  FMLA or  other  disability leave.

As with  other corrective and disciplinary  policies, these examples are illustrative only. Nue reserves its right to determine the appropriate  corrective or disciplinary  action that is appropriate  in any specific situation and this attendance policy does not create any sort of mandatory step or progressive disciplinary policy.

Violence in the Workplace

We are committed to providing team members with a safe work environment. With this in mind, we strictly prohibit  threatened or actual violence by our team members in the workplace.

Violence  in  the  workplace  may  be  described  as verbal  or  physical threats, intimidation, and/or  aggressive physical contact. Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited  to the following:

• Inflicting or threatening  injury or damage to the property or to another person's life, health, well-being, family or property;

• Possessing a firearm, explosive or other dangerous weapon at the workplace or using an object as a weapon;

• Abusing or damaging company or team member property;

• Using obscene or abusive language or gestures in a threatening  manner;

• Raising voices in a threatening  manner.

Because of the potential for misunderstanding, joking about any of the above conduct is also prohibited.

You are encouraged  to  be  proactive  in  maintaining  a safe working environment  by reporting violent or harassing behavior. If you observe or experience these types of behavior, please report them immediately to your supervisor, manager, Human Resources, or call emergency 911, when appropriate.

Any team member who exhibits violence in the workplace may be disciplined, up to and including  termination. Nue may also choose to initiate formal charges against anyone who endangers its team members or guests.

Outside Employment

Some of our team members may have additional  employment outside Nue. If you decide to seek external employment that may create a conflict of interest you must receive your manager's approval in advance. A conflict of interest may include, but not be limited to, acting as a consultant, advisor, employee or independent contractor of or with a competitor,  customer or vendor of Nue, owning any significant interest in any business or organization  that conducts or seeks to  conduct  business with  Nue,  or using any assets or resources of Nue for personal gain or advantage. As an exempt  team  member, outside  employment or business ventures will be secondary to your primary job at Nue. In order to ensure there is no conflict of interest, we require notification by the exempt team member  of any outside  business or business venture. Activities  related  to  any outside  employment (i.e., mail, telephone  calls, etc.) must be conducted  off site and not during scheduled work hours.

Code of Conduct

As a team member of Nue you are expected to conduct yourself  professionally  and operate  in a manner that is conducive to maintaining   a  value  driven  culture  and  an  efficient  operation.  The following examples are illustrative of the type of behavior that Nue  will not permit. This list is illustrative only and is not meant to be all-inclusive or to otherwise alter Nue’s at-will employment policy. We reserve the right to determine what conduct is inappropriate under any circumstances and to determine  the appropriate corrective or disciplinary  action, up to and including  termination. Any questions about this policy should be directed to your manager.

1. Dishonesty

2. Using, possessing, or selling alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on Company property or reporting for work while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

3.Selling, using, or distributing unauthorized drugs or alcohol

4. Possessing firearms, explosives or other weapons on company property

5. Insubordination - refusing to follow management's instructions concerning a job-related matter

6. Assaulting a fellow team member or guest

7. Gambling on company property

8. Fighting on company property or time

9. Violating company safety rules

10. Theft or unauthorized possession or use of guest,company or another team member's property

11. Altering a guest check or credit card voucher

12.Soliciting gratuities or commissions from service providers or vendors

13. Failing to maintain accounting and control of cash banks assigned to you;making personal use of funds from cash banks for any reason

14.Immoral,indecent or disruptive behaviors while a guest at any Nue property

15. Falsifying any record or report, such as an application for employment, a production record,a time record, or shipping and receiving records

16.Removing Company property without written leadership approval

17. Damaging Company property or materials or another team member's property

18. Sleeping during work hours

19. Engaging in intrusive or solicitous behavior with any guest (with regard to celebrities or public figures, this includes but is not limited to requests for autographs,photographs or tickets)

20. Failing to cooperate with leadership or fellow team members

21. Completing another team member's time record or clocking in on the time clock for another  team member

22. Engaging in harassment or discrimination in violation of the Harassment Free Workplace Policy

23. Engaging in unprofessional or discourteous conduct or exercising poor judgment,as determined within the sole discretion of Nue

24. Viewing inappropriate material on company computers

25. Frequent absence or tardiness, or failing to notify your manager in a timely manner for any absence

Termination of Employment

While we hope your employment  with us will be mutually  rewarding, the length  of that employment  is not  for any fixed term and may be terminated by you or Nue  with or without  cause. Your last check will be issued in accordance with state and federal laws.

Giving Notice

Nue asks that you give us at least two weeks' notice in the event that you decide to resign. Team members in key leadership roles may consider giving additional notice up to 30 days. If you fail to give the required notice you may be deemed ineligible  for rehire. This minimum notice is also required to receive your Paid Time Off payout of 80% of accrued time.

Nue  may elect, in its sole discretion, to either  allow you to work during this notice period or make the separation from employment  effective on the day notice is given.

Returning Nue Property

Upon termination  of employment, you are responsible for returning  all company property prior to the end of your last shift. Nue property may include, but is not limited to: uniforms, training  materials, keys and computer equipment. If you be unable to return any items you are responsible for, you will need to make arrangements to reimburse Nue for their loss. Subject to applicable state and federal law, you may not receive your  final paycheck until  these items  have been returned  or reimbursement arrangements made.

Exit Interviews

If you  are interested  in  scheduling  an  exit  interview  to  share your thoughts and opinions,  please communicate  with  your  manager. Under certain circumstances, we may request an exit interview to understand your reasons for leaving and to gain perspective on things we could have done differently  during your tenure with us.

Employment References

Nue receives many requests for employment verifications, letters  of recommendation, and references. In  an effort to approach all of these requests fairly and consistently, as well as to protect  your privacy, we will only share certain information regarding your employment; specifically, your hire and termination dates and your position title during those times.


Should you leave Nue  and later decide you would like to return, you must go through  the normal application process. If you are rehired, and subject to applicable law, you will be treated as a new team member and will be subject to all applicable waiting periods

We reserve the right  to  use ourdiscretion in handling  each case in accordance with  current  policies  and practices as well as the  specific circumstances involved. Disciplinary action, up to and including termination, may be taken  against  any  team member  who  violates this policy. This may include  requiring a team member  to participate satisfactorily  in an approved  drug  abuse assistance or rehabilitation program or to submit  to random  testing  as part  of a return  to  work agreement. State medical marijuana  laws do not authorize  or excuse violations of this policy.

Safety and Security

Health and Safety

Nue strives to provide a safe and healthy work environment  for all team members. As part  of your job, you may be exposed to hazardous chemicals and will be trained on proper usage and protective equipment required or available to you by your manager and certified trainer. Safety is everyone's responsibility. Team members are required  to promptly report  hazardous or unsafe situations, and work-related accidents or injuries to their Department  Manager.

Accident Reporting

As part of our mission to create a safe work environment  we require that team members report  all accidents and injuries immediately  to a manager regardless of the severity. This allows the Safety Committee to review accidents and address any safety concerns to  ensure team members  are  working   in  a  safe  and  healthy  workenvironment. Failure to report an accident may result in discipline, up to and including termination.

Workers' Compensation

All team members are covered while on the job by Workers' Compensation  Insurance. This insurance  may  provide  coverage  for you if you suffer an occupational  illness or injury  at work. State law determines a team member's eligibility  and the level of payments for medical expenses and lost time. If you are injured while at work, report the  situation  immediately  to  your  supervisor. If  you have questions about your coverage under the Workers' Compensation Insurance program, contact your Human Resources representative out of an employee's voluntary participation in any off-duty recreational, social, or athletic activity that is not a part of the team member's work­ related duties.

Company Property
Nue   provides   supplies,  equipment   and   materials needed for you to perform  your job. These items should be used for business purposes only. We ask that you exercise great care in the use and maintenance of any property issued to you. We reserve the right to inspect,with or without advance notice,all company property, including but not limited  to lockers, computers, cell phones, etc. Team members should never have any expectation of privacy with regard to Columbia Hospitality property.

Inventions and Creative Output
Ask any of our team members who have worked with us for a long time and they will probably tell you of the many changes and improvements that  have come about  since they first began working  for any of our properties. We believe the person doing a job is in the best position to that  they  should   be  used  for  approved   business  purposes  only. CNuewill determine how and when its e-mail, Internet and managed systems are to be used.

Each team  member  should  honor  the  password and  other  security provisions  of the  e-mail, Internet  and intranet  systems. Using codes or passwords  to  gain unauthorized  access to  other  team members' files or to Columbia  Hospitality  files for which you have no authority is not  allowed. For security purposes, we limit  access to  our  e-mail and intranet  systems to current team members and other authorized users. Despite the password and other security provisions, the e-mail system is not confidential or private, and is not intended  for personal use. Nuereserves the right to access, read, disclose, use, and  otherwise  deal with  any messages on its e-mail  system in any manner that it chooses, as well as to monitor  the internet  use of team members utilizing Nue systems. Team members should never have any expectation of privacy with regard to their use of Nue computer or communications systems. All inventions and creative output  developed while using Nue time, equipment, supplies, facilities, or trade secrets, or that relate directly to our business or anticipated  business are considered Nueproperty.